30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How Does it Work?

Rather than the standard 14-day money back guarantee, we're offering our customers 30 days...

For whatever reason, the first 30 calendar days you have the chance to return it to us for your money back...


Don't worry, your guarantee doesn't start until you've received the goods to make it fair. Just remember, it's 30 calendar days

If the goods are faulty, you are still entitled to a repair or replacement within the 1 Year warranty.

If you would like to use your 30-day money back guarantee for a refund, you will need to fill in our RMA form. Don't worry, it's quick and easy to use and explains everything step by step on the page.

We are more than happy to offer either a repair or a replacement service if you don't wish to have a refund. To start this process, please fill in the RMA form and request a 'repair' or a 'replacement'.